So me. Food, skiing, yoga, and travel. 

When it came to eating, there was one simple rule in my household: try everything on your plate. Mushrooms, fish, and scrambled eggs didn’t make the cut, but that didn’t mean I got to stop trying them. And now years later, I’m grateful for this approach as there are very few foods I won’t eat. Maybe a little credit is owed to the traveling I was fortunate to do, but I’m pretty sure my adventurous eating had to do with the childhood sleepovers where I “liked” everything on my plate. No one wants to be that picky eater who never gets invited back. 

Growing up in Colorado, my dad stayed home and did the “motherly” roles. He loved to cook, which meant I was left with the baking. Birthday cakes, thank-you cookies, pre-exam muffins were a part of my weekly (if not daily) high school routine. My baking started off by simply adding the ingredients the back of the box told me to. Then it was a few recipes from scratch and little by little, more and more tweaks were made and I started creating my own recipes. 

Then I turned 19. An intolerance to gluten, an allergy to cow-dairy, and puking when I ate peanuts and yes, that includes peanut butter. My main ingredients just went out the window. And at this time, store bought gluten-free options tasted like cardboard, so it was back to the drawing board. Yet, the first problem I ran into was to counter the lack of gluten or dairy, recipes called for ridiculous amounts of sugar….hence lots of substituting had to occur.

So where does that leave us? 

An attempt at a food blog: gluten and dairy free, no peanuts, minimal sugar and soy. Some savory, mostly sweet, and everything else in between.